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Handmaid's Tale
Better Georgia

On Being a Woman in the South

If you’re a woman in the South, it’s been a tougher year than usual. A host of state legislatures, dominated by (white, male) GOP lawmakers, competed to pass the most draconian laws to invade the privacy of women. Put simply, these men substituted the beliefs of politicians for science.

Better Georgia

Former FBI agent finds Ralston delayed 966 legal cases; seat getting hotter

“I don’t see how anybody can faithfully hold the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives with this conduct in the public sector,” Somerville said. “It’s beyond my grasp that the State Bar in Georgia would allow anyone to practice law like this.” AJC: Men call for State Bar to investigate Georgia lawmaker If Democrats send just 15 more representatives to the state house next year, current House Speaker David Ralston will not “faithfully

Better Georgia

Buckle up, Trump is coming to Atlanta

Hide your kids and plug your ears, the nation’s most vile president is coming to Georgia. WSB-TV reports: ATLANTA – President Donald Trump will headline a summit targeting prescription drug abuse next week in Atlanta that’s set to include more than 3,000 participants While the intended agenda for Trump will be a discussion about drug abuse, we have learned to expect comments not on the agenda. With Mueller’s redacted report due on Thursday, expect Trump

Trump golfing

The Adult Diaper Movement

Only the Churchillian resolve of President Donald Trump stands between the embattled American people and a menacing caravan of Latinos headed on foot through Mexico for the United States border.  This caravan numbers roughly 4,000 people – half women and children – and lacks a general, missiles, air power, rocket propelled grenade launchers, drones, AR15s or other military weaponry. But thankfully our ever-vigilant President has not been deceived.  He knows an existential threat when he

Job Posting: Better Georgia Seeks New Executive Director

Job Posting Executive Director, Better Georgia Position Purpose: The Executive Director will be the chief strategist and spokesperson for the organization; be the lead for all necessary decision making; work in partnership with the Boards of Directors on governance, strategic planning and fundraising; facilitate coordination with the broader progressive organizational landscape in Georgia; and recruit, train and oversee a talented staff team. Organizational Overview: Better Georgia, a progressive communications hub, is located in Atlanta, Ga. Founded in 2011, we are

85 Primary Election Results

 Today on the Better Georgia Podcast, we’re going over the results of the recent primary elections in Georgia. Various progressive candidates have upset Republican expectations of a stop to the Blue Wave, and we see the movement growing ever stronger. Listen in to learn more about the various races and their outcomes, how gerrymandering has affected the races, and the state of the Blue Wave in Georgia. You can Subscribe and Listen to the