(Jaylan Scott speaking at the 2018 DPG Convention)
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Jaylan Scott is the future of the Democratic Party

Better Georgia writer Jaylan A. Scott was recently featured on the front page of The Georgia State Signal as the face of the next generation of Democrats. At only 20 years old, Jaylan has been part of political campaigns for Stacey Abrams and DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake, amongst others. In addition to his campaign experience and work with Better Georgia and Southern Majority, Jaylan serves as Executive Vice President of the Young Democrats of

Better Georgia Weekly Chat
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Weekly Chat: Campaign coffers show Georgia now a battleground

The following is a transcript of a chat about Georgia politics with Amy Morton, Bryan Long & Louis Elrod. It has been lightly edited for clarity. Bryan Long: Welcome to our very first Better Georgia political chat! Let’s talk about money in politics. Amy Morton: On Good Friday, also the day after the Mueller report. Bryan Long: Good Friday, indeed. The Federal first quarter reporting period just ended. I’m wondering what this means for Georgia.

Handmaid's Tale
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On Being a Woman in the South

If you’re a woman in the South, it’s been a tougher year than usual. A host of state legislatures, dominated by (white, male) GOP lawmakers, competed to pass the most draconian laws to invade the privacy of women. Put simply, these men substituted the beliefs of politicians for science.

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Former FBI agent finds Ralston delayed 966 legal cases; seat getting hotter

“I don’t see how anybody can faithfully hold the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives with this conduct in the public sector,” Somerville said. “It’s beyond my grasp that the State Bar in Georgia would allow anyone to practice law like this.” AJC: Men call for State Bar to investigate Georgia lawmaker If Democrats send just 15 more representatives to the state house next year, current House Speaker David Ralston will not “faithfully

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Buckle up, Trump is coming to Atlanta

Hide your kids and plug your ears, the nation’s most vile president is coming to Georgia. WSB-TV reports: ATLANTA – President Donald Trump will headline a summit targeting prescription drug abuse next week in Atlanta that’s set to include more than 3,000 participants While the intended agenda for Trump will be a discussion about drug abuse, we have learned to expect comments not on the agenda. With Mueller’s redacted report due on Thursday, expect Trump