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‘Something nobody has done before’: Inside the Bakery’s upcoming artist Supermarket

Since 2017, Willow Goldstein has spent her time cooking up the Bakery Atlanta. But the result isn’t pastries or sweets like the name suggests. Instead, the Bakery Atlanta is a haven for the city’s art scene: a collective of artists, curators and administrators that host and produce galleries and events. Goldstein, the founder, owner, operator, The post ‘Something nobody has done before’: Inside the Bakery’s upcoming artist Supermarket appeared first on SaportaReport. SaportaReport Read More

Georgia News

Georgia Republicans say Fani Willis inquiry isn’t a ‘witch hunt,’ but Democrats doubt good faith

The Republican leading a specially-appointed Georgia state Senate committee that’s supposed to investigate whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis committed misconduct proclaimed repeatedly Friday during the panel’s first meeting that he seeks just the facts, but the lead Democrat begrudgingly serving on the panel said she doubts the group can overcome its partisan origins. “It’s important that the public understand that this is not any type of witch hunt,” said state Sen. Bill Cowsert of Athens,

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Son of a biscuit! House backs cornbread as state’s official bread, giving rise to countless puns

Rep. Kasey Carpenter celebrates with a bowl of cornbread and pinto beans after the House passed his bill to make cornbread Georgia’s official state bread. Ross Williams/Georgia Recorder Georgia lawmakers have cooked up the most corn-troversial bill of the session: a proposal that would crown cornbread as the official state bread. The tribute to the Southern baked good cleared the House Friday, leavening an election-year session that has already featured tense debates over stricter bail

Georgia News

Atlanta Man Gets Life Sentence for Valentine’s Day Shooting

The Gist: Jamaar Bracey was convicted and sentenced to life without parole for the 2021 shooting of Rodney Evans in Decatur. The Details: On Valentine’s Day 2021, Rodney Evans was found with a fatal gunshot wound in an overturned car. Jamaar Bracey, 39, faced charges including Malice Murder and Aggravated Assault. The incident stemmed from a dispute involving Evans and a woman who had a protective order against him. Bracey, who had a prior life

Georgia legislators debate cryptomining protections

Georgia is second in the country for cryptomines: But not every Georgian is even sure what those are. “I’m still confused about what we’re mining,” said Rep. Dale Washburn (R-Macon). “I have rock quarries in my district.” Now, the Georgia legislature is figuring out whether laws should be written to make sure local governments cannot effectively ban digital currency facilities from counties, and whether the businesses should receive tax incentives. What are we talking about?

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February Best Bets

SCAD TVfest  February 9-10 SCADshow For more than a decade, SCAD TVfest has spotlighted the latest in design, creativity, and innovation on television, streaming, and digital media. Audiences enjoy inside looks at the best content airing today and explore the latest trends in broadcast, streaming, cable, web, social media, and advertising. “At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen”  February 9, 8pm, through February 17 Out Front Theatre Company Out Front Theatre Company presents “At