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Georgia election official allowed conspiracist to breach voting system in search of ‘fraud’: report

A former Georgia county elections supervisor opened her offices to an election-denying businessman shortly after the 2020 presidential election, granting access to voting equipment that election-deniers claim was vital to rigging the election, according to a Washington Post report. Misty Hampton told the Post that she cannot remember when the walkthrough took place or what was done during the visit but recalled giving access to Scott Hall, the owner of a Georgia bail bond business.

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Tybee Island bans smoking on the beach

Tybee City Council on Thursday passed an ordinance to prohibit smoking on the island’s beaches beginning June 1. The Georgia Sun Read More

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Peggy Noonan Wishes For Spirited Debate, Robust Democracy, More CBS Sitcoms

She swam up from the darkness, blinking her eyes against the light like a newborn foal just dropped into a pile of manure. Peggy Noonan, beloved sister of the Order of the Seconal Hebetude, found herself on a floor, staring up at a fluorescent light set in a cracked and crumbling ceiling. She turned her head slightly and saw a mirror, a fiberglass standup shower stall stained with long rivers of rust, the corner of