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Atlanta opening new police precinct in Buckhead amid secession push

Atlanta’s recently elected mayor unveiled a new police precinct in the city’s large Buckhead district on Thursday, as he tries to head off an effort to turn the wealthy, white enclave into its own city over concerns about a spike in crime. Meanwhile, a bill at the state Capitol that would allow residents of Buckhead to vote on secession suffered a setback. The Buckhead City movement is being led by a business consultant and political

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Public policy think tank leader responds to Kemp’s State of the State address

In response to Gov. Brian Kemp’s State of the State address, Kyle Wingfield, the president of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, says he’s hearing a lot of skepticism about how Georgia’s surplus on top of a rainy fund will be spent. “There’s this kind of feeling that this is a one-time deal or a one-off deal and so a real hesitation with making long-term commitments with that money,” said Wingfield on Thursday’s edition of “Closer

Lucy McBath talks combating gun violence, expanding voter rights

U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath, a Democrat representing Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, spoke out against Georgia lawmakers pushing to loosen gun laws less than one year after eight people were killed in the Atlanta-area spa shootings. “We just cannot continue to let those who know nothing of gun safety put the lives of our children on the line,” said McBath on Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look.” “These irresponsible laws are dangerous for law enforcement … dangerous

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Sen. Sinema dashes Democrats’ hope to change the filibuster

Democrats’ hopes of reforming Senate rules to weaken the filibuster were dashed Thursday as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., made it clear that she will not support the plan. Sinema effectively ended her party’s hopes of weakening the 60-vote requirement for most legislation as President Biden was preparing to travel to Capitol Hill to sell Senate Democrats on the plan. Sinema’s position is not new, but some Democrats had hoped she could be persuaded to drop

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Workplace Vaccine Mandate

Photo: Getty Images On Thursday (January 13), the US Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden‘s plan to require most workers to be vaccinated or get tested weekly. In a separate decision, however, the justices did uphold a smaller and more specific mandate to requires hospital workers and nursing facilities employees to be vaccinated. Once the … Continued The post Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Workplace Vaccine Mandate appeared first on Atlanta Daily World. Atlanta Daily World

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King’s Legacy: Brothers Of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Making Change

Before Martin Luther King Jr. traveled the country reshaping social justice movements in the nation’s most segregated cities, he was both a graduate of Morehouse College and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. In his march toward change, King Jr. represented both proudly and loudly. Decades after his assassination, members of his fraternity carry the legacy … Continued The post King’s Legacy: Brothers Of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Making Change appeared first on Atlanta Daily