Georgia’s tag renewal system is down statewide

If you tried unsuccessfully to register your vehicle or renew your tag today, you’re not alone. The motor vehicle system — known as DRIVES — that Georgia uses for vehicle registration and tag renewal is down statewide. State officials are working to get this fixed, however there is not not have an estimated time of completion. If your birthday falls between November 24 and 28, you can purchase your tags on Monday, November 29 with

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White Vigilante Guilty of Murdering Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Glynn County Sheriff’s Office The white man accused of chasing and murdering Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia last February in what critics have described as a modern-day lynching under the guise of vigilante law enforcement was found guilty of the most serious offense against him on Wednesday. Travis McMichael was found guilty of malice murder in the Feb. 23, 2020 homicide death of Arbery. The 25-year-old Black man’s slaying, captured in

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Arrives In Atlanta For Its National Conference

DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY ARRIVES IN ATLANTA FOR ITS NATIONAL CONFERENCE … by Mark Hayes Nearly 35,000 Sorors from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority arrived in Atlanta to bright red lights at Hartsfield Jackson Airport ready to work for social justice and the betterment of communities of color all around the world.  The international organization … Continued The post Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Arrives In Atlanta For Its National Conference appeared first on Atlanta Daily

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Marjorie Taylor Greene hired Lin Wood as her lawyer — now she’s trashing him: texts reveal

New Yorker reporter Charles Bethea posted some of his text messages with Marjorie Taylor Greene to his social media on Wednesday. According to the screen captures, the Georgia congresswoman had hired Lin Wood to be her lawyer just before the election in 2020. Now, however, Wood is her enemy. “Lin should go to jail for what he did to Kyle,” Greene ranted earlier this week after the verdict in the Rittenhouse case. “I also fully

Creep of the Week: Dennis Prager

Those who forget history, or who willfully ignore it, are doomed to repeat it, which is why it should worry you that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capital has been dismissed by Republicans as a routine visit by some rowdy but well meaning tourists. Reshaping this history to fit a political narrative serves Republican interests since they are really into authoritarianism — a destabilized country is really a win for them. It’s in

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Republicans appear to have ‘grievously injured’ their own voters — and it could come back to haunt them in 2022

Despite zero evidence of any widespread fraud in the 2020 election, most Republicans believe next year’s midterms will not be counted fairly, according to a poll released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation and Research. The new poll of Republican voters, conducted for CEIR by Echelon Insights, detail what Republicans believe about the 2020 results, and reveal how this might affect their future voting behavior. Unfounded and unproven accusations of election fraud by