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Serving up a slew of summer reading on democracy

With the start of summer just days away, Atlanta Civic Circle has compiled an assortment of books for your reading pleasure. Community organizers, educators and politicos alike helped us assemble an interesting selection of books on democracy. Make sure to pack a few as you head off on vacation or bring one out for an afternoon The post Serving up a slew of summer reading on democracy appeared first on SaportaReport. SaportaReport Read More

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Trump-loving lawyer Lin Wood loses his lawsuit seeking to halt a psychiatric exam by the State Bar of Georgia

Lin Wood, a pro-Trump attorney who became infamous for backing QAnon conspiracy theories, has failed in his effort to halt a psychiatric evaluation as required by the Georgia Bar Association. “Clearly, there is a grievance proceeding in the State Bar against Wood. Wood Argues that because he filed this action before there was a finding of probable cause against him, this factor is not satisfied,” said the court documents. “However, he cites no law to

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Rocked by payment scandal, Fulton Development Authority faces board shakeup

By John Ruch and Maggie Lee The Development Authority of Fulton County board has been rocked by a financial scandal at the very moment its membership is undergoing a reform-minded shakeup to include representatives of public school systems that are staunch critics of tax breaks DAFC grants to luxurious real estate projects. And more shakeups The post Rocked by payment scandal, Fulton Development Authority faces board shakeup appeared first on SaportaReport. SaportaReport Read More

Victory Fund Endorses Matthew Wilson for Georgia Insurance Commissioner

LGBTQ Victory Fund, a national organization dedicated to electing LGBTQ politicians to public office, recently announced its endorsement of out Georgia state Representative Matthew Wilson in his 2022 race for Georgia Insurance Commissioner. Wilson announced he would be running in late April of this year. In his announcement, he highlighted his support for Medicaid expansion and pledged to not be “bought and paid for” by powerful insurance companies. It’s time to start organizing for 2022.

Gallup Poll Shows 70% Approval for Same-sex Marriage

New polling released by Gallup Tuesday showed that 70% of those Americans surveyed approved of same-sex marriage, a new milestone in the trend of approval since 1996 when Gallup first polled Americans on recognition of same-sex marriages, which then only registered a 27% approval. According to the data kept by the firm, the upward trend steadily increased with a majority approval in 2011, followed by a 60% rating at the time of the U.S. Supreme

Creep of the Week: Gigi Gaskins

I remember it like it was yesterday: Trump supporters flying flags that said, “Fuck your feelings,” wearing “Suck it up, Buttercup” T-shirts and making fun of safe spaces. Now, these same people are demanding that we stop teaching about racism in U.S. schools because it hurts their feelings and that transgender people not be allowed into public restrooms because it makes them uncomfortable. These are the same people who literally stormed the Capitol because their