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One dead in Texas mass shooting — on same day Biden released gun control executive orders

Bryan police are investigating the shootings of seven people, including a law enforcement officer, that started at Kent Moore Cabinets, where officials said someone opened fire Thursday afternoon, killing one person and shooting five others. The Texas Department of Public Safety also said on Twitter that a DPS trooper was shot pursuing the suspect in the shooting. The officer is in serious, but stable condition. One person shot at Kent Moore has died and four

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Abbott slammed for claim Biden ‘threatening 2nd Amendment rights’ hours before Texas mass shooting

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is facing criticism after responding to President Joe Biden’s announcement Thursday that he is focusing on reducing gun violence by demanding Congress get to work and by signing six executive orders. Biden’s Rose Garden address comes just weeks after two major mass shootings captivated the nation, one at an Atlanta spa that left eight people dead, another in Boulder that left ten people dead. “Biden is threatening our 2nd Amendment

Dr. Marie Equi: Medical Doctor, Abortionist, Feminist, Lesbian, Anarchist, Labor and Prison Activist

A Massachusetts native, Dr. Marie Equi was born into an Italian and Irish home. She spent much of her early life in Italy. As a 21-year-old, she moved with her “Boston Marriage” wife, Bess Holcomb, to The Dalles, Oregon, in 1893. Bess had been offered work there as a teacher. According to subsequent newspaper accounts, Holcomb’s employer, Reverend Orson D. Taylor, refused to  pay the promised $100 salary. In a heated and loud confrontation, Marie threatened

I Swear!

Prior to my move to Paris, you might be forgiven for ever thinking that I grew up in a Christian family from a small town in the South. Now that I don’t have to drive anymore, my swearing has dramatically decreased. The idiocy of that BMW driver who cut me off on the interstate off-ramp or the timidity in turning during the yellow light at the intersection by the SUV driver obviously talking on the

New Films to Check Out: ‘Love the One You’re With,’ ‘Tina’

Sampson McCormick, T.J. Martin, and Daniel Lindsay discuss new projects.  When his editor came to his house last year to transfer the film they had just made onto a computer, Sampson McCormick realized that the entire project had somehow been lost. Shrugging it off, he and his team reassembled and were able to reshoot it. It wasn’t long after that he had a finished film — one that has landed on Amazon Prime. Written by McCormick

White Male Problem

I posed a question on Facebook earlier this month, asking if we had a white male problem in this country. I had been asked that by a friend and was curious about what kind of response I’d get. Needless to say, it varied and grew more intense as time went on: They sure don’t have a problem. They get arrested without getting shot and get to set the narrative for their own crime. I cannot