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GOP state legislatures are already rigging a Republican ‘coup’ for the 2024 election

Republican-controlled state legislatures are responding to former president Donald Trump’s election loss by brutally clamping down on voting rights. GOP lawmakers have entered at least 165 proposals in 33 states to restrict mail-in ballots, impose new voter ID requirements and squeeze registration choices, and those efforts are already moving full-steam-ahead in Florida, Georgia and other states, reported The Daily Beast. “We should make no distinction between the failed Capitol insurrection and the GOP doubling down

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Days after deadly tornado, Georgia braces for more severe weather

As a storm with heavy snow and debilitating ice shifts from the south-central United States to the Northeast region, AccuWeather forecasters say there is the potential for severe thunderstorms, including the risk of isolated tornadoes, in portions of the Southeast that were pummeled by violent weather at the start of the week. A tornado, preliminarily rated as an EF3 by National Weather Service, ripped through the area of Brunswick County in southeastern North Carolina late Monday night, killing three

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After failed Senate bid, Doug Collins joins Clarkesville law firm

CLARKESVILLE — Former Congressman Doug Collins, who finished behind Raphael Warnock in November’s jungle primary for the U.S. Senate, has joined a law firm in Clarkesville. Collins, who represented the Ninth Congressional District of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives, today announced that he has joined the law firm of Oliver & Weidner LLC, where he will specialize in civil and criminal litigation. “I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined Oliver & Weidner,”

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‘It was sabotage’: McConnell ally tells CNN that Trump destroyed GOP’s Senate majority

The feud between former President Donald Trump and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) shows no signs of slowing down, and a McConnell ally on Thursday said the former president was to blame for costing Republicans the Senate. Scott Jennings, a CNN political commentator who has also worked on McConnell’s Senate campaigns, told the network that it’s clear that Trump was to blame for his party’s losses in the two Georgia Senate runoff elections. “It’s

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A Small Georgia Town Was Trying to Play by the Rules. The State Seized Its Vaccines Anyway.

It was a gloriously sunny Wednesday in early February, but Dennis Fowler was worried. The 77-year-old retired transit worker sat in the waiting room at his doctor’s office at the Medical Center of Elberton, a bustling clinic in rural Elbert County, Georgia. He was there for a routine appointment, but he had also come to ask his doctor about his COVID-19 vaccine. Weeks earlier, as soon as they’d heard they were eligible, Fowler and his

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The Republican embrace of white Christian nationalism and the decomposing trajectory of the GOP

A functioning democracy needs political parties to connect problems with solutions. In the current state of affairs, American democracy has only one effective democratic party. The other one has been drifting toward illiberalism in a trend that started long before Donald Trump became its leader. The violent insurrection of January 6 confirms its abdication of the values and principles for which it supposedly stands. A society as diverse as the United States needs all-encompassing representation