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Experience Matters

The only Democrat qualified for Athens-Clark District Attorney

You already know there is an important election coming up on November 3.

But during this election, voters in Athens-Clark and Oconee Counties will get decide who will serve as District Attorney. 

If you’re not familiar with the District Attorney, this is the person who decides how to prosecute criminal cases in our community. 

Unlike other elected positions, the District Attorney must be fully qualified for this full-time job because failure will mean criminals won’t be held accountable and our neighborhoods will be less safe.

There is only one person — just one Democrat — on the ballot who is qualified for this job: District Attorney Brian Patterson

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Why is District Attorney Brian Patterson the right person for this job?

Because he’s the only qualified Democrat on the ballot. Period.

Here’s what I know about Brian Patterson: 

  1. He is already the current District Attorney of Athens-Clarke & Oconee Counties
  2. He has 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in Athens-Clarke & Oconee Counties
  3. He has tried more than 100 felony and misdemeanor trialsto a jury verdict
  4. He has litigated over 150 appeals, including approximately 80 published opinions
  5. He has experience as a prosecutor AND as a defense attorney, giving him perspective from all angles of the criminal justice process
  6. He has prosecuted serious, criminal cases and coordinated appellate litigation in the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Georgia Supreme Court

On top of his experience and qualifications, Brian Patterson was part of the team that made our district attorney’s office a national model for progressive criminal justice reform initiatives, including accountability courts that make our community safer while offering a second chance to many non-violent offenders. 

I trust Brian Patterson with this position, and I know that he is the candidate with the experience to serve our community fairly and equally, while continuing to develop and implement progressive programs to reduce crime

Brian currently manages an office of 18 assistant district attorneys plus a support staff within a $1.5 million budget. 

He knows what he’s doing. No on-the-job training needed.

We need a district attorney who is a Democrat, and who has the experience for the job.

With Brian Patterson, we’ll get both. 

If you are voting in Athens-Clarke or Oconee Counties, please join us in voting for Brian Patterson for District Attorney on November 3.

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