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Why I’m with District Attorney Brian Patterson

Let me introduce you to an incredible candidate for District Attorney, Brian Patterson. This year, Brian started serving as our District Attorney when his boss retired. As chief ADA, he was next in line to run the office. While Brian has more than 18 years of experience in criminal courtrooms, you still may not know him. That’s because he’s a prosecutor, not a politician.I’ve come to know Brian Patterson over his many years serving and protecting Athens-Clarke and Oconee Counties,

‘A horror show’: House members detail abuses against women at Georgia immigration prison

Top House Democrats who on Saturday inspected the immigration prison where women who were horrifically operated on without their consent have been detained called the Georgia facility “a horror show,” and said that officials forbade them from bringing in their own phones to record personal testimonies from detainees. Legislators shared everything they learned from the women immediately following the visit anyway. “They don’t want the public to hear their pain, happening at hands of the US government,” California Rep. Nanette

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Young Activist Pushes To Lower Voting Age To 16 As ‘The Logical Next Step’ For Gen Z

Young adults are known for taking to the streets in protest. Now, there’s a youth-driven push to bring more of them to the ballot box. Tyler Okeke, a 19-year-old activist, is among those who champion lowering the voting age from 18 to 16. Okeke is working to increase the number of eligible voters in the country’s most diverse generation and amplify their voices on decisions that will affect their future. Currently, young adults gain the