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Congressman John Lewis Comedy Roast

That time we ‘roasted’ Congressman John Lewis

As we remember the incredible life of Congressman John Lewis, it’s important to remember the joy he brought to so many people.

Sure, he will forever be remembered as a Civil Rights icon — one of the “Big Six” leaders of the groups who organized the 1963 March on Washington. He will be remembered for his bravery and his stoicism. His list achievements filled a lifetime and will surely fill many books to come.

But today we would like to remember the friendships he shared and the smiles he brought to so many faces.

Because John Lewis wasn’t just a leader. He was a good man.

At Better Georgia, we will always cherish the evening of August 31, 2017. That was the evening Congressman Lewis graciously played along for his first — and only — comedy roast.

Below are a few highlights from that evening.

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