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Abortion Pill Now Available Without Doctor’s Visit! Georgia’s 6-Week Abortion Ban Blocked! Hooray!

Yesterday was a good day for reproductive rights — the kind of days that are very few and far between these days. One federal judge permanently blocked Georgia’s bill banning abortion after six weeks, and another ruled that the the abortion pill can be prescribed and obtained without a visit to the doctor’s office. The author of the Georgia six-week abortion ban, state Rep. Ed Setzler, said he felt the law met legal standards and

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By the numbers: See just how well Democrats performed in Georgia this year

Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight just completed a deep dive into the turnout and results of the June 9 primary in the Peach State. Good news, Georgia! Democrats are in a strong position going into November’s general election. The Fair Fight memo highlights the staggering results of Democratic performance this year. Here are the facts:  Democrats outvoted Republicans 1,283,836 to 1,033,308.  Of the 750,000 first-time voters, 59.3% voted as Democrats and 35.9% as Republicans.  Moreso, 49%