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Path to Democratic majority runs through these 16 Georgia House districts

Georgia Democrats have a chance to win back the majority in the Georgia State House for the first time since 2004.

The stakes are very high in this election. In addition to healthcare, the economy and the environment, among many other issues — the big prize in 2020 will be the once-in-a-decade chance to draw legislative maps.

If successful, Democratic representatives will be able draw the legislative maps or appoint an independent committee to draw the legislative maps for the next 10 years, finally putting an end to the Republican gerrymandering tactics that they’ve abused to steal legislative seats and suppress voters. 

According to the voting results from last week’s primary, Democrats have a majority, or are within TWO percentage points of a majority in the 16 districts we need to win

These are the districts you should follow and the Democrats we must support:

District #Vulnerable RepublicanViable Democrat
District 35Ed SetzlerTBD by Runoff
District 43Sharon CooperLuisa Wakeman
District 44Don ParsonConcetta DiCicco
District 47Jan JonesAnthia Carter
District 49Chuck MartinJason Hayes
District 52Deborah SilcoxShea Roberts
District 97Bonnie RichMary Campbell
District 104Chuck EfstrationNakita Hemingway
District 106Brett HarrellRebecca Mitchell
District 109Dale RutledgeRegina Lewis-Ward
District 110No incumbentEbony Carter
District 117Houston GainesMokah-Jasmine Johnson
District 138Mike CheokasMarcia Arnett
District 147Heath ClarkStephen Baughier
District 151Gerald GreeneJoyce Barlow
District 164Ron StephensMarcus Thompson

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