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David Perdue Graphic

Trump-led FEC slams Perdue with $30K fine for campaign finance violations

  • Perdue accepted $325,000 above legal limits
  • Took in more than $117,000 in prohibited contributions
  • Failed to disclose $128,972 in debt
  • Paid $30,000 fine in settlement

Sen. David Perdue is one of Donald Trump’s most loyal and most outspoken defenders.

But Trump’s Federal Elections Commission determined that Sen. Perdue took in more than $325,000 that exceeded legal limits on campaign donations in his 2014 campaign and also took more than $117,000 in prohibited contributions, according to recent news reports. On top of that, the FEC also found the GOP Senate campaign failed to disclose $128,972 in debts and obligations.

The campaign reached a settlement to pay $30,000 in fines just ahead of Sen. Perdue’s re-election campaign.

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