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Ga. youth and minority voting through the roof

Early voting has increased all over the United States, in just about every demographic within every state. In Georgia, over 2 million early ballots were cast, which is more than double the number of early ballots cast in 2014.

Every demographic appears to be sending more voters to the polls. Around the U.S. the youth vote appears to have doubled, with 40 percent of people aged 18-25 saying they are definitely voting, compared with less than 17 percent in 2014.

In Georgia, the youth early voter turnout has increased by nearly 500 percent. In 2014, 46,626 people 25 and under voted early and absentee, where as this year 215,293 people 25 and under have voted early or absentee. Young people in Georgia — and across the U.S. — tend to be much more progressive than older voters.

The African American and Hispanic/Latino votes are also surging this year. So far, in early and absentee voting, more than twice as many African Americans have voted than in 2014. This year 674,676 African Americans cast early ballots in contrast with only 318,556 in 2014.

Hispanic/Latino voters show record turnout!

Of all the demographics in Georgia, the increase among 2018 Hispanic/Latino voters is the highest. In 2014, only 5731 Hispanic/Latino voters voted early or absentee. However, this year 36,068 have voted. That’s more than six times as many voters!

African Americans and Latinos tend to vote Democrat more than any other demographic group. Millions of Georgians are turning out because of Stacey Abrams’ leadership and vision for the future. Other voters have had enough of Trump’s hateful rhetoric and failed policies and know that Brian Kemp would be a rubber stamp for Trump. 

Make sure you’re ready to vote today by checking out the My Voter Page. Make sure you know where to vote, what to bring and who you’re voting for.

Kemp has been told that he cannot enforce the so-called “exact match” law that he’s tried to use to block the vote. But if you run into any issues at the polls, call the Election Protection Hotline at 1 (866) OUR-VOTE. You have the right to vote!

Get out there and make your voice heard!

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