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85 Primary Election Results

Today on the Better Georgia Podcast, we’re going over the results of the recent primary elections in Georgia. Various progressive candidates have upset Republican expectations of a stop to the Blue Wave, and we see the movement growing ever stronger. Listen in to learn more about the various races and their outcomes, how gerrymandering has affected the races, and the state of the Blue Wave in Georgia.

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It’s not like David Perdue created some true grassroots movement; David Perdue had the most money.” – Louis Elrod

Show Notes:

  • How the Blue Wave is happening despite fears of it dissipating
  • What the election results mean for Georgia
  • Why the runoff between Cagle and Kemp is so odd
  • What Stacey Abrams win means for the progressive movement
  • The results of the governor’s primary for both parties
  • The strange and archaic voting system for Georgia Public Service Commission
  • What Georgia is doing about gerrymandering
  • How the statewide primaries are turning out

Based on the information the [media] typically has, it may look like that Blue Wave is going away, but then you have election results like this.” – Louis Elrod

Links Mentioned:

Everything that’s wrong with the world, I think, stems back to gerrymandering and redistricting.” – Louis Elrod

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