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84 2018 Primary Elections

Today on the Better Georgia Podcast, we have democratic strategist Howard Franklin with us as our special guest. With the primaries for the Democratic party coming up soon, we ask him what he sees as most important in securing Democratic leadership for Georgia. Listen in to learn Howard’s views on strategies for the Democratic party, the new dangerous Republican ad campaigns, and why Democrats need to get active.

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If you had asked me six months ago how competitive these primaries would be…I would have said zero.” – Howard Franklin

Show Notes:

  • What the progressive platform is going to look like coming out of the Georgia primary election
  • Why Howard is optimistic about Georgia’s Democratic performance
  • How the similarities between our current gubernatorial race and 2006’s Cox/Taylor race may play out
  • What Howard believes is going to happen in the lieutenant governor’s race
  • How the African-American vote could steer the primaries
  • Where in Georgia Howard sees the blue wave starting to form
  • Why Democrats need to do better to translate election excitement into action
  • “The bus” and why it is such a bad idea
  • The dangers of the increasingly toxic Republican campaign rhetoric
  • How Bernie Sander’s endorsement for Stacey Abrams affects the primaries
  • Why the language used in the Democratic primary could be causing lasting damage overall
  • The importance of getting everybody you know to get registered to vote

I think the Democrats’ best shot at truly contesting for statewide races is consistently contesting the countywide seats in Gwinnett and Cobb.” – Howard Franklin

Links Mentioned:

  • Check out MyVoterPage to find out where you need to go to vote
  • Thinking about running for office? Check out our Candidate School
  • Connect with Howard Franklin:

LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Website

We have a strong candidate in either one of these women [running for governor].” – Jennifer Young 

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