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Primary Divisions on the Better Georgia Podcast

83 Primary Divisions?

Primary Divisions on the Better Georgia Podcast

On today’s episode of the Better Georgia Podcast, we are talking about the upcoming primaries for Democrats why the campaign rhetoric may lead to a toxic outcome. Since the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic party has had a difficult time uniting to support one candidate, and the local primary elections in Georgia are showing no signs of changing for the better. Listen in to learn about the infighting in the Georgia Democratic party, and how the rhetoric of Republicans and Democrats breed different expectations.

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[Fear] is something that works much better with conservative politicians in the Republican party than on the other side.” – Louis Elrod

Show Notes:

  • Why there is infighting going on in the Democratic party
  • Why the support of the party’s nominee is necessary, regarldess of who won
  • What we can learn from the past race between Cox and Taylor
  • The controversial election in DeKalb county
  • Henry County’s de-annexing and what it means for the people there
  • How Brian Kemp upped the ante and the crazy in his newest ad
  • Why we as Americans need to be focusing more on the solutions to our problems
  • Why Jennifer can’t trust politicians who capitalize on the fear of voters

What I’m very much afraid of is this space where people don’t have faith in whoever the nominee happens to be.” – Jennifer Young

Links Mentioned:

Being big tent isn’t a big enough explanation of who we are, and I think that we need to be a little more clear and supportive of what it means to be a Democrat in Georgia.” – Jennifer Young


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