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82 Brian Kemp’s Stupid Gun Ad

On today’s episode of the Better Georgia Podcast, we’re talking about candidate Brian Kemp’s recent campaign advertisement and the recent decisions regarding the newly formed election commission. Listen in to learn how Kemp’s ad was made in extremely poor taste, and why Georgians need to pay attention to the Republican-led election commission.

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If you can’t do what you need to do to convince voters that you are the right candidate, there is no reason to resort to these implied threats; that’s uncalled for.” – Jennifer Young

Show Notes:

  • What is going on in Brian Kemp’s new gun ad
  • Why this ad did what it was intended to do
  • How Kemp’s appeal to traditionalism isn’t only a Republican tactic
  • Why the ad reveals Kemp’s desperation for more votes
  • Why Georgians should be wary of the new Georgia election commission
  • Who makes up this election commission
  • What makes Brian Strickland’s involvement in the election commission suspect
  • Why paying attention to these election decisions is extremely important for voters

Can this commission be trusted…as we move into an era where we need to be more focused on voter security?” – Jennifer Young

Links Mentioned:

[Kemp] is not looked on by the Republican establishment as one of their top candidates, so clearly he’s got some consultants who said you’ve got to do something big and bold.” – Louis Elrod

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