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Nazis in Newnan on the Better Georgia Podcast

81 Nazis in Newnan

Nazis in Newnan on the Better Georgia Podcast

Today on the Better Georgia Podcast, we’re talking about the recent white nationalist rally in Newnan and what it means for the Neo-Nazis in Georgia. Listen in to learn more about the recent Neo-Nazi rally, how we as Americans need to be reacting to them, and the hysteria around celebrity politics.

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There is certainly precedent for telling the Nazis that they cannot participate civically.” – Louis Elrod

Show Notes:

  • What happened in the Neo-Nazi rally in Newnan
  • Why the number of police and counter-protesters who showed up to protest seems imbalanced
  • Why citizens need to stand and call these hate groups what they are
  • The danger of allowing a terrorist group’s rhetoric to become normal
  • Where Kanye’s support of Trump fits into the political landscape
  • Why a celebrity’s political opinions should be treated as entertainment

As alarmed by these kinds of things happening, I think it says something when only twenty people show up.” – Jennifer Young

Links Mentioned:

Your rights stop where mine begin…these are organizations that are inciting fear and terror in individuals.” – Jennifer Young


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