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Georgia's Guns on the Better Georgia Podcast

80 Georgia’s Guns

Georgia's Guns on the Better Georgia Podcast

This week on the Better Georgia Podcast, we’re talking about gun control and the NRA, twenty years after the Columbine school shooting. As elections come near, we are seeing debate heating up on gun reform, both inside and out of the political sphere. Listen in to learn about how America is commemorating the Columbine massacre of twenty years ago, and how politicians are working for or against gun reform.

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It shows me that they don’t care about these children’s voices, they don’t care about Moms Demand Action, they don’t care about the people that are raising their voices about [gun reform].” – Jennifer Young

Show Notes:

  • What Americans are doing to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting
  • Rick Jeffares’s ill-timed challenge to his Democratic opponent
  • The changing views on the NRA
  • How elected officials have forcefully empowered the NRA
  • How the NRA has shown their real cause through their actions (and lack thereof)
  • Why Jennifer believes that not all NRA members understand what they are supporting
  • Jennifer’s call to listeners to research their causes

[The NRA] is not some lunatic fringe group with 5,000 members; this is a lunatic fringe group with 5,000,000 members.” – Louis Elrod

Links Mentioned:

The NRA has become a right-wing extremist group when it started out as an organization for responsible gun ownership.” – Louis Elrod


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