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Fighting Trump in Georgia on The Better Georgia Podcast

79 Fighting Trump in Georgia

Fighting Trump in Georgia on The Better Georgia Podcast

Today on the Better Georgia Podcast, we’re discussing the latest turbulence in the world of President Trump: the raiding of the office of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen. We think it can have major effects even in our local government. Plus, listen as we discuss the importance of midterm elections, the upcoming primary elections and how you can get educated and register to vote.

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If it’s not alarming, you’re not reading enough.” – Jennifer Young

Show Notes:

  • What’s the latest with Michael Cohen’s office raid
  • Why it’s so strange that the U.S. State Department is empty
  • How Paul Ryan’s choice not to run again stems from the Trump mess
  • Why there will likely be more resignations
  • The impact of national politics on local politics
  • Why this week could be Trump’s most tumultuous yet
  • Get educated about politics and go vote
  • Why the midterm years are so important
  • What important elections are happening in the Georgia primaries
  • Why you should go meet these people who want your vote
  • How to vote early

These questions are a reflection of the national narrative locally, and we have to think about who we’re sending to fight.” – Jennifer Young

Links Mentioned:

Get to know the people that are doing good work in your communities and then support them.” – Jennifer Young


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