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Legislative Wrap-up on the Better Georgia Podcast

78 Legislative Wrap Up

Legislative Wrap-up on the Better Georgia Podcast

We are joined today on the Better Georgia Podcast by State School Superintendent candidate and president of the Georgia Association of Educators, Sid Chapman. We’ll be speaking with him about his upcoming primary election and why he feels he is the best choice for Georgia. Listen in as we talk about the recent legislative session in Georgia, it’s successes and failures, and the ways that bills make their way through the house.

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The constitutional officer that is selected by the public to be the commissioner of the department of education should be the person that is answered to, and held accountable.” – Sid Chapman

Show Notes:

  • What makes Sid’s path to becoming a teacher unique
  • What got Sid Chapman got into politics
  • How the state school superintendent can help public education
  • Why the right state school superintendent is so important for underprivileged students
  • How Sid organized a coalition and defeated Amendment 1 in Georgia
  • Why Sid feels he is the best candidate for state school superintendent
  • What facets of education Sid believes is important for all children
  • What happened in the recent legislative session
  • Why good legislation often comes from the party in power, even if they didn’t make it
  • Jennifer’s thoughts on the upcoming election
  • Why citizens should attend local political events, even in state elections

Primaries are huge here, especially for us. If we’re going to take over the governor’s mansion in November, we’ve got to have a strong candidate going in.” – Jennifer Young

Links Mentioned:

It should be the first thing that legislators do every year: take care of public education and fund it fully.” – Sid Chapman




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