Better Georgia

77 Interview with Sid Chapman

 Our special guest on this week’s episode of the Better Georgia Podcast is Sid Chapman, president of the Georgia Association of Educators and candidate for state superintendent of schools of Georgia. (Read the transcript). The Georgia Association of Educators chose to endorse Stacey Abrams for Governor and believe that she is the way forward for Georgia’s public school system. Listen in to learn more about Sid Chapman and the Georgia Association of Educators, and

Verdaillia Turner on the Better Georgia Podcast
Better Georgia

76 Interview with Verdaillia Turner

 Today on the Better Georgia Podcast, we are interviewing the president of the Georgia Federation of Teachers, Verdaillia Turner.(Read the transcript). We’re talking about the upcoming Governor’s race, and the candidates that are running for the office. Listen in to learn more about Verdaillia Turner, and why she and the Georgia Federation of Teachers are supporting Stacey Evans in the Governor’s race. You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on iTunes, and be sure to leave us