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Sarah Riggs Amico on the Better Georgia Podcast

75 Interview with Sarah Riggs Amico

Sarah Riggs Amico on the Better Georgia Podcast

This week on the Better Georgia Podcast we speak with Sarah Riggs Amico, who is running in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor. As an entrepreneur and owner of small businesses, she believes that taking care of her employees is paramount and that it does not prevent her from making a profit. Listen in to learn how Sarah Riggs Amico aims to help the employees of Georgia, achieve affordable healthcare and make a more transparent Georgia government.

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At some point, we have to talk about this like it’s not statistics, because there are belly buttons and real people attached to these numbers…and it’s very fixable.” – Sarah Riggs Amico

Show Notes:

  • Why Sarah was inspired to run for office
  • Why Captain Kirk comes to Sarah’s mind when a seemingly unsolvable problem occurs
  • How large problems provide Sarah with opportunities to lead
  • Who originally pushed Sarah to run for office
  • Why Sarah believes that much of the current political dialogue presents a false dichotomy
  • How the position of lieutenant governor is fitting for Sarah’s experience
  • Why Sarah believes she is the best candidate for the office
  • How her family experience has given Sarah her perspective on healthcare
  • What Sarah will focus on in the primary and general election
  • What needs to change in sexual assault proceedings with government officials
  • Sarah’s pledge if she wins the office of lieutenant governor
  • What you can do to support Sarah and her campaign for lieutenant governor

No parent should ever have to think about their finances when their child needs medical care.” – Sarah Riggs Amico

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Sarah Riggs Amico:

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If I had to distill down to one sentence my business philosophy, ‘we don’t believe in the no-win scenario’.” – Sarah Riggs Amico


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