Sarah Riggs Amico on the Better Georgia Podcast
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75 Interview with Sarah Riggs Amico

 This week on the Better Georgia Podcast we speak with Sarah Riggs Amico, who is running in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor. As an entrepreneur and owner of small businesses, she believes that taking care of her employees is paramount and that it does not prevent her from making a profit. Listen in to learn how Sarah Riggs Amico aims to help the employees of Georgia, achieve affordable healthcare and make a more


High school sex ban bill passes House and goes to the Senate

One of the most fundamental promises of public schooling is that it is supposed to keep students safe while they are away from their parents’ care. When parents think about the safety of their children while at school, the last thing they should have to worry about are the flimsy laws that protect their child from a potentially predatory school employee. In Georgia, it is currently illegal for a teacher to make any kind of