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74 Shafers Scandal on the Better Georgia Podcast

74 Shafer’s Scandal

74 Shafers Scandal on the Better Georgia Podcast

On today’s episode of The Better Georgia Podcast, we’re going over the recent events involving Georgia senator David Shafer. Listen in to learn more about the scandal with senator David Shafer, and the state of media journalism and their political ties in Georgia.

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Are voters going to even know that this happened, and will they be able to make up their own mind about it?” – Louis Elrod

Show Notes:

  • Why Democrats need to be careful about who they choose to be in office
  • The scandal around David Shafer
  • The state of news and media journalism in Georgia
  • Why David Shafer’s response to the allegations is a larger problem
  • How political and media competition plays into media coverage
  • How you can run for office in Georgia

Running for office isn’t a one and done sort of a situation, it’s something that if you’re not qualified to run this year, you should be thinking about next year or 2020 already.” – Bryan Long

Links Mentioned:

We as progressives should not ignore the facts that come out of these races. We should be as tough on our candidates as we would be on Republican candidates.” – Bryan Long



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