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casey cagle

Cagle is flying high on the taxpayer dime

A WSB-TV investigation has revealed that Lt. Governor Casey Cagle has grievously misused taxpayer money.

In the last five years, Casey Cagle has taken more 200 separate flights at a cost of $250,000 to the taxpayers.

Many of these trips were essentially shuttling him around the state — sometimes multiple trips in a single day — with 37 of those trips originating in Cagle’s hometown of Gainesville.

He racked up a bill of a quarter of a million dollars just to avoid traffic. Since when are public servants supposed to treat chartered flights like a taxi service, and at the taxpayer’s expense?

All the while, he masquerades as fiscally responsible. But we’re not buying it.

Meanwhile, the country’s worst secretary of state Brian Kemp has only chartered planes nine times in the past five years at a fraction of the cost: $35,994.78. While still a notable chunk of taxpayer money, it’s obvious that Cagle’s duties aren’t an excuse for his egregious bill. 

Now Cagle wants a shot at the governor’s mansion, but we’re not going to let a public servant willing to abuse public funds worm his way into an office with more access to taxpayer money.

You can take action right now.

>>>Tell Casey Cagle to pay Ga. taxpayers back for his excessive use of chartered flights.

>>>Sign the petition today.

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