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Qualified Candidates on the Better Georgia Podcast

73 Qualified Candidates

Qualified Candidates on the Better Georgia Podcast

Today on The Better Georgia Podcast, we’re going over what’s happening in the upcoming local and state elections. With an unprecedented amount of Democrats running for office this year, dozens of Republican seats are being contested, and many by more than one candidate. Listen in to learn more about the candidates running for office, which seats are most important, and how you can help make the blue wave a reality.

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The blue wave is real, there is an actual sea change.” – Louis Elrod

Show Notes:

  • What is the state of the upcoming elections
  • Which seats are being contested by Democrats
  • How we know that the blue wave is really happening
  • Who is on the ballot
  • Why the Democrats have a strong advantage in the Governor’s race
  • How gender is playing a role in these upcoming elections
  • Who is left to compete for the most disliked politician in Georgia
  • Why the Public Service Commission seats are such an important race
  • The importance of supporting the Democratic candidate, even if your choice doesn’t win the primary
  • How the Sixth Congressional District became another race to watch
  • What is happening in the local elections
  • Candidate Gerald Greene’s strange backstory

This is so significant because back in 2016, Georgia had the fewest number of contested seats at the state legislature level. 82{21a0f2e682527d5e15328a793158bcc0a9b8955c1b60e5cb556db3e7991c3fc5} of the seats were uncontested.” – Bryan Long

Links Mentioned:

  • Learn more about Better Georgia’s Candidate School podcast series for first-time candidates

We’ll know who our candidate [for governor] is six weeks before the Republicans, that’s a pretty good head start for the top office.” – Bryan Long


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