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It’s time for candidate school – how to run for office

With the largest class of progressive and Democratic candidates since 2004, it’s time we all brush up on our Politics 101 lessons.

Louis Elrod and his guest hosts review the basics of what it takes to run for elected office and win.

This project consists of six separate podcast lessons, geared toward first-time candidates, on how to run for office. These lessons, which include topics like making your decision and hiring staff, are designed to be relevant to any first-time candidate, no matter where or when they’re running, or how big or small the race is.

Guest hosts include:

  • Kendra Cotton
  • Howard Franklin
  • Keisha Carter Brown
  • Kendra-Sue Derby
  • Liz Flowers
  • Tharon Johnson

Listen and learn:

Better Georgia’s Candidate School.

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