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Communications on the Better Georgia Podcast

Candidate School Lesson 5: Communications

Communications on the Better Georgia Podcast

My name is Louis Elrod. I’m the Political Director at Better Georgia, and since 2008 I have managed campaigns at the local and state level, helping candidates and organizations win progressive victories in a red state. Activists like me have helped a lot of people run for office, and we know there’s a huge amount of information that first-time candidates need to learn quickly. That’s why we put together this six-episode podcast featuring interviews and advice from the best campaign professionals we could find. Stepping up to run is a major undertaking, but we hope that Better Georgia’s Candidate School can make it just a bit easier.

This is Lesson 5: Communications. Listen in to learn how to develop a compelling message, how to get the most out of working with journalists, and best practices of campaign communications.

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Developing a compelling campaign message isn’t something you whip up in your head the day before you announce your candidacy.” – Liz Flowers

Show Notes:

  • How much time and effort to put into communications versus other aspects of the campaign
  • The importance of a solid, compelling message
  • What voters need from a candidate’s message
  • Why repetition is key in delivering your campaign
  • The role of storytelling in your campaign
  • The do’s and don’t’s of working with journalists
  • Why it is important to know the media you’re interacting with
  • What earned media is, and it’s role in your candidacy
  • When you should hire professional communications staff
  • The best practices of campaign communications
  • Louis’s homework to develop your communications strategy

Most people vote with their gut, not with their head.” – Liz Flowers

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Effective campaign communications is planned and delivered again and again and again.” – Liz Flowers

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