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Field on the Better Georgia Podcast

Candidate School Lesson 4: Field

Field on the Better Georgia Podcast

My name is Louis Elrod. I’m the Political Director at Better Georgia, and since 2008 I have managed campaigns at the local and state level, helping candidates and organizations win progressive victories in a red state. Activists like me have helped a lot of people run for office, and we know there’s a huge amount of information that first-time candidates need to learn quickly. That’s why we put together this six-episode podcast featuring interviews and advice from the best campaign professionals we could find. Stepping up to run is a major undertaking, but we hope that Better Georgia’s Candidate School can make it just a bit easier.

This is Lesson 4: Field. Listen in to learn the importance of field efforts in a campaign, the most effective methods, and when is the best time to hire a field director.

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The smaller the campaign, the more important the field effort is.” – Kendra-Sue Derby

Show Notes:

  • What field is in a campaign
  • How important field efforts are to a campaign
  • Why Kendra-Sue advocates for smaller campaigns to have field efforts done mainly by the candidate
  • Why smaller races require more from the candidate
  • The efforts needed to reach out to the voters in your race
  • The benefits and drawbacks to different field methods
  • How early a campaign should begin field efforts
  • The benefits and drawbacks of canvassing
  • The next best methods after canvassing
  • When you need to hire a field director
  • Kendra-Sue’s strategy to maximize the effectiveness of canvassing
  • When a volunteer field effort is advantageous to a paid canvas
  • What Kendra-Sue’s duty is when working as a paid canvas
  • Louis’s advice on how to keep focused on your goal

Canvassing has been proven to be the most effective way to persuade and motivate an individual to go out and vote.” – Kendra-Sue Derby

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The more you can rely on your own volunteers and yourself, the better it is.” – Kendra-Sue Derby

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