Immigration and Refugees

#Resist historic pull to separate families

Separating families is perhaps the most enduring American tradition there is. It’s embedded in this country’s history, and now felt most sharply by the immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, in our families and communities. Under the Trump administration, there’s been a renewed push for resisting the policies that make our families and our communities less safe. Immigrants (and refugees) have been subject to a spate of questionably legal executive orders in the first few months of this

Haters gonna hate

A funny thing happened on Friday. Republicans stalled their own hateful bill by trying to add in a questionable “anti-terrorism” measure. This time of year, legislators have a habit of amending bills on the floor just before a vote, sometimes by adding in whole other bills. In the state Senate, if a long enough “amendment” is added, the bill has to go back a few steps in the process, before it can come back up