Podcast Ep. 36: Vote Your Ossoff

Vote Your Ossoff on the Better Georgia Podcast

Today we’re talking to Kyle Keyser, the brains behind our Vote Your Ossoff Campaign. It’s a very exciting time in Georgia and there are lots of people getting involved in politics who haven’t been involved before. Kyle is not one of those people, but he’s back in Georgia after a few years and is working on a campaign to help Democrat Jon Ossoff get elected in the Sixth Congressional District. Listen in as we talk about what inspired Kyle to be a part of this campaign and his history with politics in Georgia.

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I recently came back here to Georgia to get involved and looked at this race and saw an opportunity to create some influence and corral some of the energy that’s happening all over the nation.” – Kyle Keyser

Show Notes:

  • What is the Vote Your Ossoff campaign
  • How they’re raising the name recognition of Jon Ossoff
  • How you can help with the Vote Your Ossoff campaign
  • What inspired Kyle to get involved in this race
  • Why Kyle came back to Georgia
  • Kyle’s background in Atlanta politics
  • Why Kyle decided to run for mayor
  • What attention the Vote Your Ossoff campaign has received

When you have 18 candidates on the ballot and someone walks in, the one that’s going to stand out is the one that was on that yard sign down their street that said ‘Vote Your Ossoff.’” – Kyle Keyser

Links Mentioned:

I came do a decision where I said, ‘I’m going to need to feel like I’m making a difference very actively on a daily basis if I’m going to survive the next four years.’” – Kyle Keyser


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