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Podcast Ep. 25: General Assembly

General Assembly on the Better Georgia Podcast

This week we’re discussing the upcoming Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women on January 21st. We sat down to talk with Janel Green, one of the organizers of the march, about how she got involved and how you can participate. We’re also giving you a preview of this year’s legislative session. It looks like it will be a lot of issues we’re quite familiar with: religious liberty, campus carry, and education.

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“Our goal is to really mobilize people to get involved with incredible social justice organizations in Georgia to carry out important and meaningful work that is greatly needed within our state.” – Janel Green

Show Notes:

  • What is the Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women?
  • What concerns are there surrounding the new administration?
  • Why it’s on progressives to make sure the marches get covered
  • What issues are going to come up in the 2017 legislative session
  • Why religious liberty legislation may come up again
  • What Governor Deal might try to do with education
  • What’s happening with campus carry

We need to get people rallied to not only march, but to respond to that call to action. Get connected to the meaningful organizations who are carrying out the work for the causes that are the most important to you.” – Janel Green

Links Mentioned:

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I’m excited to see that progressives in Georgia are coming right out of the gate and saying that we don’t accept Donald Trump and his racism and his bigotry.” – Bryan Long




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