Tom Taylor still needs to resign

Next week, Republicans in a Dunwoody-area legislative district will choose their nominee for state representative. The candidates are Tom Taylor, the incumbent who was busted driving drunk at three times the legal limit with a gun on his hip and four kids in the car, and Tom Owens, a challenger who has had more than a few run-ins with the law himself. This sets up a moral quandary for Republicans. If you read the Dunwoody


Transphobia abounds in North Georgia

Students in North Georgia are the targets of the latest transphobic outcry. Parents in Fannin County, organized by school resource officer Anthony Walden, rallied last week against a policy supporting transgender students using bathrooms that align with their gender identity, instead of their sex assigned at birth. Parents packed the Thursday school board meeting to decry the policy, which stems from federal government guidance, with media reports of anywhere from one to three hundred people