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Racist, bigoted Facebook posts from top schools official can’t be tolerated

jeremy-spencer-facebookVile, racist and bigoted Facebook posts from a top Georgia Department of Education official go so far past the line of acceptable it’s almost hard to believe. Unfortunately, in a time when Donald Trump is surging in the Republican primary, many conservatives believe they can speak without consequences.

Better Georgia hopes this instance leads to the toughest possible consequence: Jeremy Spencer needs to hear his boss say, “You’re Fired!”

We are calling on State School Superintendent Richard Woods to fire Spencer, the twin brother of state Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine), in response to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s publication of this article today:

AJC: Racially charged Facebook posts by DOE leader vanish after our questions

There’s simply no room for vile, racist and bigoted rhetoric from leaders at Georgia’s Department of Education. Spencer’s Facebook posts that became news today disqualifies him from leading any public school in Georgia, much less being a leader at the Department of Education. Our students deserve better.

In Jeremy Spencer’s own words, he declared that Georgia students can’t compete with Finland because Georgia’s students aren’t all white. Additionally, he allowed a lynching image referencing Pres. Obama to stay on his public page for months.

Superintendent Woods must fire Jeremy Spencer.

The following images were published by a top Georgia schools official who is earning $138,000 per year:


And this image was posted in November as a reply to a comment from Jeremy Spencer. He did not remove the image until after he was contacted by the media today:


Freedom of speech does not provide freedom from consequences. Richard Woods must fire Jeremy Spencer to make sure it’s clear Georgia’s Department of Education does not tolerate hate speech from anyone who leads our children.

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