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Taylor Bennett Victory

Progressive candidate ends Georgia’s conservative supermajority

Taylor Bennett, a bold, unabashed progressive candidate, defeated a Republican former mayor in House District 80 last night.

He did it by campaigning for equality and promising to fight so-called religious “freedom” laws that are intended to write discrimination into Georgia law.

With this historic victory, the conservative supermajority in the Georgia House of Representatives is now a thing of the past.

And YOU helped make it happen.

The odds were stacked against Bennett. The district was drawn for Republicans by Republicans. His opponent outspent him 2-1, and every high-ranking elected official in the state, from Gov. Nathan Deal to Secretary of State Brian Kemp, came out to support Bennett’s opponent.

Most people thought the Republican would win easily but they didn’t count on you and the power of all of us working together.

You made sure that we had the resources to reach out to more than 14,000 voters and inform them about the importance of this runoff election. Once voters knew what was at stake, they came out in large numbers to support the progressive candidate who campaigned for equality, transparency and ethics.

In the end, Bennett picked up 55 percent of the vote, a convincing win that can be the first of many as we continue to work together to make sure informed voters go to the polls in every election.

Hundreds of you from across the state chipped in to make this victory possible. Your contributions — small and large — helped us run a campaign like never before. Chip in $8 now to help us fuel up for the next fight.

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