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Sen. Josh McKoon and Rep. Sam Teasley don’t like the ads we published in their hometown newspapers on Monday.

Apparently, these two Georgia lawmakers stopped working on their bill after they came up with the clever title: “The Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

These bills do nothing to restore religious freedom, which is protected by the U.S. and Georgia constitutions. Instead, these bills would open the door to people who would use their religion as an excuse to ignore child welfare, domestic violence and discrimination laws.

Washington Post: This Georgia campaign warns that proposed religious freedom legislation could be very dangerous

Georgians deserve to know the truth.

So today we’re going to the Gold Dome with our message.

We’ve put our ads on a billboard and will circle the State Capitol for eight hours today.

Sen. McKoon and Rep. Teasley have both stood on the floor of their chambers and accused Better Georgia of lying about the damaging consequences of their bills.

“We only have to look to the last century to see what happens when you have countries, when you have nation-states that don’t value people of every faith and that don’t give people of every faith a seat on the table. So I simply say to Better Georgia shame on you. I hope that they’ll retract these ridiculous, unsupported, unsubstantiated accusations and try to responsibly participate in this debate.”

WATCH: Sen. Josh McKoon tries to defend ‘religion as an excuse’ bill from Georgia Senate floor

Sorry, Sen. McKoon. We will not retract our ads.

In fact, we’re going to make our ads bigger and drive our message right to the Capitol steps.

Here’s the truth: two District Attorneys — one Republican, one Democrat — have publicly expressed concerns over this bill. And 18 legal scholars wrote a 10-page report on the dangers of this bill.

District Attorneys David Cooke and Vic Reynolds are not liars. The 18 scholars from Emory, Mercer and other universities are not liars. And we at Better Georgia are not liars.

No, we have all merely exposed a dangerous flaw in Sen. McKoon and Rep. Teasley’s poorly written bills.

Georgia does not need to take one step toward discrimination.

Join us today to raise awareness of the damaging consequences of this bill.

More than 4,200 Georgians have signed our petition to stop Sen. McKoon and Rep. Teasley’s bills. Sign and share the petition.

If you want to keep our campaign rolling until this terrible bill is dead for good, please chip in a few bucks right now. Will you chip in $8?

Thanks for taking action to kill this terrible bill.

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