Hey, DNC: Don't Support Anti-Abortion Lawmakers!

Don't let the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Turn Its Back On Women.

Tell the DNC:

An unwavering commitment to abortion access is part of the DNC’s core values of autonomy, equity, liberty and self-determination. Anyone who can become pregnant deserves nothing less than full autonomy over the right to decide if, when, and how to start a family. Meaningful abortion access, regardless of income level or geography, is fundamental to this right.

Sign this petition to Georgia's DNC members to tell them you are concerned with the move by some to support anti-abortion Democratic lawmakers, and marginalize women's autonomy within the Democratic agenda.

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    Progressive elected officials need to deliver on their promise to women

    The decision to have an abortion is a matter between a woman and a doctor. It should not be dictated by government, by politicians or by someone else’s religious beliefs.

    The threat to our reproductive freedoms from conservative politicians is unprecedented and growing. It is more important than ever for progressives to stand firm and clearly articulate our values and vision, including for safe, accessible, and affordable abortion care for all.

    Wavering on abortion is not just bad public health policy, it’s also bad for the Democratic Party. Women make up the biggest portion of the party’s base and they are ready for bold leadership from progressive champions in the Democratic Party.

    It's not just popular, it's also good policy

    The majority of Americans are pro-choice and support abortion access. Americans don't support efforts to ban abortion entirely. In fact, the share of Democrats who say they support abortion in most or all cases is at its highest point in two years.

    Women are driving the increases in support. According to a recent study from Pew, 85% of Democratic women support abortion in all or nearly all cases. It’s our responsibility as leaders in the progressive movement to stand up for our values and hold each other accountable.

    We have seen what happens when anti-choice politicians from both parties are in office: access to abortion care is restricted, critical funding is denied, abortion is criminalized, and the stigma and shame around a common and safe medical procedure used by one in four women increases.

    Supporting abortion rights is not just a “women’s issue” - it’s an economic issue, a housing issue, an education issue. It touches so many Democratic Party values and can’t be singled out as a bargaining chip or exception.

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