Gov. Nathan Deal’s secret fund exposed

Over the Labor Day weekend we finally learned why Gov. Nathan Deal is fighting so hard to keep insurance premiums high in Georgia and fighting to obstruct access to affordable health care.

And it’s not just a partisan political attack.

No, it’s even simpler than that: he’s raking in corporate anti-Obamacare money hand-over-fist.

Instead of protecting the rights of Georgia residents under the new Affordable Care Act, Gov. Deal’s family and business associates have profited from a secret Super PAC funded largely by corporations and political action committees that either do business with the state or have a financial stake in legislation.

Since 2011, Gov. Deal’s PAC has raised almost $1 million and spent over $300,000, all in secret.


Over half of the money, 58 percent, comes from donors with a role in the health care industry.

But Gov. Deal doesn’t want you to know any of this.

The Real PAC failed to file required financial disclosures for two years.

Gov. Deal only released a list of donors and expenses after investigative reporter Jim Walls exposed a portion of the fund.

On Friday, just as Georgia families started a holiday weekend, the governor’s team dumped the financial disclosures in hopes that you would never hear about this.

So now we know where the money is coming from.

But where’s the money going?

To his family and friends, of course.

The governor’s daughter has been paid from the fund on a regular basis. His business partner, Ken Cronan, got a big check, too.

And Real PAC has even written checks directly to the Governor’s Mansion.

But Gov. Deal doesn’t want you to know any of this.

We’re not going to let that happen. We’re digging deep into the records, and we plan to tell as many Georgia taxpayers as we can. Today is just the beginning.

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