2014 Better Georgia bumper stickers are here!

Big changes are coming to Georgia.

And it all starts with 2014.

If we all work together, starting today, we will begin moving away from the decade-long conservative dominance by the wrecking crew and begin our march toward a more progressive Georgia.

Show your friends, family and all of your Georgia neighbors that you are focused on 2014 as the first step toward a new, better Georgia.


Make a donation to Better Georgia now to receive your 2014 decal. Only donations made through this special offer are eligible for decals.

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Once you receive your decal, stick it on your car, truck or tractor. Put it on your laptop, your office window or your backpack.

Send photos of your 2014 decal back to us and tell us why you’re fighting for progressive change in 2014. We’ll share select photos on our page at Facebook.com/BetterGeorgia.

It’s important for all of us to stand up for our progressive values in a state that has been dominated by conservative leaders and policies for too long. Take a stand. Show you’re ready for change.

So go ahead, show Georgia you’re ready for change.