Wilcox County students offer redemption for Georgia

By now, it’s old news that Wilcox County holds segregated proms.  Wilcox County parents’ decision to host two proms continues to earn them some well-deserved criticism.  But, these antiquated reminders of a terrible time should not and cannot overshadow one of the most important things that has happened in south Georgia since the Talmadges reigned supreme down there.

History is being made, right now, below the gnat line by a band of students that have grown weary of the status quo.  It is bold actions like the ones these students are taking —not just from leaders and politicians– that are logged in history books.

Wilcox County High School students are working their tails off to unite their community and shake the humiliation and sins of their parents.  They’ve organized a facebook page asking for donations to have their first integrated prom on April 27.  They’re doing this against the wishes of some parents and even some in the school, which has refused to host the proposed prom.

That, people, is courage.

These students are pushing back against the years of offensive tradition, but, on a grander scale, against the national ridicule—and that should be the story, not only that Wilcox County is stuck in 1946.  They may not know it, or mean to be, but they are vindicating the reputation of this great State.  But the mockery will continue, and another year could pass without this milestone happening if we all do not support this brave, young coalition.

Give these students your money–as much as you can.  These students in Rochelle, Georgia are trying to drive a nail in a very old coffin.   Let’s show the nation that, when they needed our help to wield the hammer, we came.

Tell your State Representatives, State Senators, Congressmen, and Governor to follow in the footsteps of some of their colleagues and open their campaign coffers. I assure you they can spare some change. Who can argue that a radio spot bashing someone’s tax policies is a better expenditure than this?

These students have asked for our help to absolve their parents’ sins and save the rest of us from further ridicule. Let’s make sure the rest of the country doesn’t get the story they’re expecting and that this band of history makers is able to have the best dern prom Georgia’s ever seen.