Gov. Deal stays on path to break HOPE Scholarship

Gov. Nathan Deal announced last night that after a year of public outcry and more than 10,700 petition signatures to save the HOPE Scholarship, he’s decided to do little or nothing.

Deal said that he intends to give HOPE recipients 3 percent more toward their tuition starting with the fall semester.

“We do have the money in the lottery. We are hopeful it will continue to grow. Maybe we can make even better announcements in years to come,” Gov. Nathan Deal said.

Gov. Deal‘s three percent “solution” comes at a time when college tuition is rising 6 percent at Georgia Tech, 5 percent at UGA and 3.5 percent at Georgia State.

Students attending Georgia’s technical colleges are paying 13 percent more in tuition.

Gov. Deal broke the HOPE Scholarship. His current budget does nothing to fix it.

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