Isakson, Chambliss want to raise your taxes. Don’t let them.

Should Sen. Johnny Isakson, Sen. Saxby Chambliss and your Congressman hold your tax cut hostage as they debate a fair tax rate for the top 2 percent?

Of course not.

The debate over how Congress will balance the budget isn’t happening on another planet to some other people.

This is a debate that will impact every Georgian. And Georgia’s Senators and Congressmen have an important role to play.

Congress must decide whether we fall off the “fiscal cliff” or whether there is a budget agreement before Dec. 31.

Sen. Isakson, Sen. Chambliss and all of our Congressmen must decide whether the U.S. budget is balanced on the backs of the middle class or whether the richest 2 percent will pay their fair share.

How do Georgia’s members of the top 2 percent compare with the rest of us?

  • Georgians making more than $250,000 have an average income of $635,630 and receive an average Bush tax cut of$28,550.
  • Georgians making less than $250,000 have an average income of $51,370 and receive an average Bush tax cut of$1,140.


Congress has until the end of the year to make a critical and historic choice. They can ask the richest 2 percent of Americans to pay their fair share, or they can put more money in wealthy pockets at the expense of the struggling middle class.

Georgia voters want action on the fiscal cliff today.

Sign the petition now. Tell Sen. Isakson, Sen. Chambliss and your Congressmen
to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 percent.

Or call your members of Congress now at 888-659-9401.

Allowing taxes to go up an average of $2,200 per family of four would pose an additional hardship on middle-class Georgia families who have already suffered through the Great Recession and its aftermath.

The fairest way to address the current situation, promote economic growth and protect middle-class families is to extend tax cuts for the middle class and allow cuts for the wealthiest two percent to expire.