Better Georgia wish list: A progressive gift guide

With Thanksgiving behind us, we’re officially in the gift-giving season.

And while the thoughts behind your gifts do mean a lot, the gifts you give this year can have a lasting impact.

Let’s say you want to make sure Georgia’s environmental hearings are adequately covered in January. Or, you’re concerned the new Republican Super Majority will introduce more bills in its War on Women using a back-room, nearly-secret, sub-committee hearing.

Well, here’s the perfect gift to give:

Flip Cam Wish List

With a few Flip Cams and a team of volunteers, Better Georgia will be ready to shine sunlight on our lawmakers whenever and wherever they speak.

Better Georgia is just over a year old. Even though we’ve celebrated big victories throughout the year, the truth is that we’re still young and growing.

We depend on your support.

To make sure our second year is even better than our first, we’ve put together a wish list of items that will greatly impact our work, and as a consequence lead to more progressive victories in Georgia.


Be sure to check our wish list to make sure you’re purchasing only items we haven’t already received. We’ve carefully selected items that will have an immediate impact on our work and fit within a wide range of budgets. The least expensive gift is under $15.

See our complete Amazon wish list. Shipping details are already complete.

Your gift may be tax deductible, so please consult with your accountant or tax advisor. If you prefer to support Georgia businesses or union-friendly businesses, please shop wherever you like and simply use our list as a guide.

As with most young groups, we can use cash, too.

We are nimble and have the ability to create permanent infrastructure — including routine polling and message development — and to support the election of progressive candidates.

Here’s how we can use your cash donations:

  • $60 = One tank of gas to drive from Athens to Savannah
  • $95 = One hour of training for a new progressive candidate
  • $150 = 4,000 calls to inform voters of a radical statement from their representative
  • $350 = Staff time to track the votes of one senator

Donations through our website are not tax deductible as they directed to our 501(c)(4).

If you would like to make a tax deductible gift for the end of the year, or if you wish to construct a specific grant please call our business office at 706-410-1867.

Creating Better Georgia to fight conservative leadership has been exciting, but the entire project could fold without your financial support.

What we’ve accomplished so far, on a shoestring budget, has been effective.

As this year comes to a close, please support our mission.

We don’t depend on outsiders to fight for progressive values in Georgia.

We depend on you.

Will you join Better Georgia in our fight to change the political debate?

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Please don’t let the amount you can give stop you from taking action now. Donations of $15, $10 and $5 all add up to a bigger war chest to fight the state’s conservative super-majority leadership. Donate now.