Better Georgia, Rachel Maddow and progressive winning

What does a progressive win in Georgia look like?

Well, here’s how Rachel Maddow describes the downfall of former Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers after Better Georgia leaked the video of his Pres. Obama mind-control meeting at the Gold Dome:

“The Republican Senate Majority Leader did convene that meeting of Georgia Republican senators to talk about Pres. Obama’s mind control plot to take over America and then Better Georgia shot videoof it and then that video ended up on the local news with the amazing graphics and then it ended up in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and in other Georgia newspapers. And then it started to get national news in Mother Jones, Huffington Post and elsewhere. And then, then, interestingly it was the end of that Republican Majority Leader in the state senate. Yeah, he stepped down.”

It’s worth watching the full video:

Click to watch Better Georgia on Rachel Maddow.

While it’s true that Sen. Rogers had plenty of problems heading into the GOP caucus elections, it’s also true that he kept fighting for his job until 72 hours after our video went public.

He quit after our video aired on WSBCBSNBC and dominated the local news cycle leading into the caucus election. Articles about the video were posted on GawkerSalonSlateThe Daily Beast and Mother Jones. He was forced to respond to the national attention but he totally quit because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Political journalist Jim Galloway wrote about Better Georgia’s role filming and releasing the video in the print edition of Sunday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“If Democrats are a vanquished army, then Better Georgia and its associates are the guerrilla force that has been left behind to harass Republicans.”

With our small “guerilla force” we unseated Sen. Chip Rogers from his post as Senate Majority Leader.

While serving as Majority Leader, Sen. Rogers led as Georgia cut billions of dollars from public education and actively worked to stop road and transit improvements.

Sen. Rogers is still in the senate and will still fight against sustainable development, smart growth and pretty much every environmental issue that progressive voters value.

Simply forcing Sen. Rogers to step down as Majority Leader isn’t good enough. He should resign from the senate.

And it’s worth noting that he was replaced with another far-right, fringe senator.

Our battle has just started.

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