Did Chip Rogers really compare President Obama to Stalin?

Yesterday we told you about Majority Leader Chip Rogers’ anti-business, anti-environment conspiracy theories.

You’ll remember that he hates the Georgia Chamber because he thinks the group uses United Nations-approved, Soviet-era mind control techniques to secretly steal your freedom. He also hates “sustainable development,” “smart growth” and “historical preservation.”

But we couldn’t tell you everything about Majority Leader Rogers’ crazy taxpayer-funded meeting in just one email.

In that same meeting, some of our state senators listened carefully as a failed Tea Party extremist told them that Pres. Obama is pretty much just the same as Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin and China’s communist revolutionary chairman Mao Tse-tung.

Here’s the slide they used:

Download the full presentation.

During the last session, Majority Leader Rogers was just two votes short of getting his bunk conspiracy theory approved by the Senate. Two votes!

And now he has a super majority.

The next legislative session matters. A lot.

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