DeKalb-Gwinnett candidate makes worst political attack ad

DeKalb-Gwinnett candidate Chris Boedeker released a hilariously bad political attack ad. His goal was to unseat the incumbent State Rep. Scott Holcomb.

But the ad fell miserably short.

Instead, Boedeker’s political attack ad shamefully mocked the military service of Rep. Holcomb.

Rep. Holcomb served 12 years in the U.S. Army, including three years with the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart and three overseas deployments in support of the operations in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

This ad, a complete lie, was removed by Boedeker. Click to learn more.

This ad, a complete lie, was removed by Boedeker. Click to learn more.

Rep. Holcomb proudly — and rightfully — notes his military service on his official biography. Rep. Holcomb now serves House District 81, which includes the cities of Chamblee and Doraville, as well as portions of Northlake, Tucker, and Brookhaven in DeKalb County, and a portion of southern Gwinnett County.

Boedeker, who lives in Brookhaven’s Drew Valley, attempted to somehow use this distinguished military service as a political attack. The campaign ad opens by saying “Representative Scott Holcomb brags about his military experience.”

Brags about his military experience?

This kind of selfless service to our nation should be honored with holidays and celebrated with cheers of support, NOT turned into a political attack.

To make matters far worse, the ad went on to falsely accuse Rep. Holcomb of “using illegal drugs while in the service.”

The ad was a lie. Candidate Boedeker quickly but quietly took down the ad without even a hint of an apology.

But here’s the thing.

That ad, which used a man’s military service as a political attack, was paid for by campaign contributions from the Republican House Leadership. The biggest donors to Boedeker’s campaign are Speaker David Ralston, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones and other Republican leaders.

They should all denounce this ad. And they owe Rep. Holcomb and other Vets an apology.

They must choose to either stand with Chris Boedeker or with Georgia’s veterans. They cannot do both.

Sign our petition to tell Speaker Ralston to denounce the ad and apologize to Rep. Holcomb.